Dutch truck XG+ pusher chassis (4.15). Scale 1/24


4×2 chassis is too boring for you? Let us offer you 6×2/4 chassis!

If you want to have very high detailed model of new Dutch XG+ truck – our photo-etched chassis is right choice!

Some facts:

  • Thickness of our photo-etched parts (0.3 mm) is closest to the thickness of real frames.
  • Our resin parts made “as real” without any compromises. Even so complex lifting axle made as real!
  • This chassis was 3D modelled in same time with our Dutch truck XG+ and MX13 especially to use these kits together, so you will have no any problems during assembling.
  • In our chassis kits included parts to make tilting cab, so you can show MX13 engine under the cab!
  • Wheelbase – 4 150 mm.
3D model, master patterns, design of PE-parts and casting by SIA “A&N Model Trucks” © 2024
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