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Shipping cost

Weight in grams Cost in €
Domestic shipping (including VAT 21%) Shipping inside EU (including VAT 21%) Shipping outside EU (no VAT)
1-20 1.73 2.20 2.64
21-50 1.78 2.20 2.64
51-100 1.81 2.29 27.00
101-250 1.98 3.41 27.00
251-500 3.49 8.49 27.00
501-1000 4.02 9.91 27.00
1001-2000 3.76 15.01 39.70

Shipping for packages with weight more than 2 kg is calculating separately for each order, because shipping cost different for each country.

Important! If your package will not arrive to you after 2-3 weeks for Europe or 3-4 weeks for U.S., you should call to your local post office and try to find parcel using e-mailed tracking number. Also you should contact us by e-mail.

10 Replies to “Shipping cost”

    1. Hi Andrey,
      can you give a price for 2 x Australian coe truck,conventional truck and postage to new Zealand.Hows the best way to pay for them?

      many thanks michael

      1. Hi Michael!

        Many thanks for your comment and interest in our models.
        I have edited your comment, because I prefer do not use word “f….ner”…

        Well, currently I have no exact price for conventional truck, so can calculate approx. price for 3 kits shipping + price for 2 COE kits.
        COE – 99.99 x 2 = 199.98
        Conventional – ?
        Shipping – 19.90
        Grand total – 219.88 Euro + cost of conventional truck.

        I think you should use PayPal. It will be the cheapest method of payment for you.

        Best regards,

  1. Hi Andrey,
    Do I need to be have a customer acc?
    will go with 2x Australian coe truck.
    I have hopefully set up a paypal acc.

    1. Hi Michael,

      As I know it is possible to make purchase without setting up PayPal account.

      Will look forward for your order.

      Thank you,

    1. Cameron,

      You can find shipping cost for any of our kits at page of items. Shipping cost tab -> shipping outside EU.
      For facelifting kit it will be 2.25 Euro.


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