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How to make photo-etched fuel tank. Photo-instruction

It’s not so hard as you can think. First of all you need in soldering iron (but you can use super-glue instead), solder, couple of markers or any other tubes with different diameter, pliers and that’s all.

Let’s start!

First of all you need to apply thin layer of solder on our future tank.

On one side….


And on another.


Ok, here is result.


Now let’s bend our tank. I use marker for this step.

Place marker…

DSC_0164And start to bend tank carefully:

DSC_0166Here is result:

DSC_0167Now we need to use tube with smaller diameter. I use one of my knife for it:

DSC_0168And result:

DSC_0170Of course it’s far away from desired shape, but don’t worry! Now we have to glue our steps inside (or skip this step if there are no any steps).

DSC_0171Apply super-glue…

DSC_0173And carefully place first step in position inside our tank.

DSC_0174Repeat for second step:

DSC_0175Ok, now we have to bend another side of our fuel tank. I use another bigger marker for this step:

DSC_0177Here are we go…

DSC_0178And here is result. It’s much closer to desired shape of tank:

DSC_0179Ok, time to solder again! Use your pliers and soldering iron for the first dot of solder:

DSC_0181Here is result:

DSC_0184Let’s solder the rest of fuel tank:

DSC_0187And here is result. All unnecessary solder can be removed later with sand paper.

DSC_0188Very close to correct shape:

DSC_0189Now let’s place styrene inserts into our tank. You need to place 2-4 inserts depending on how many straps your tank has.

DSC_0197Carefully place inserts into tank and here is result:

DSC_0199…and from another side:

DSC_0200Now time for caps. Carefully place them on their places:

DSC_0201And our fuel tank is almost ready:


DSC_0203Now you need to finish fuel tank with sand paper and glue isolating tape for imitation of rubber straps.