Recent news

1. I’m proud to say that Kit Form Services, UK, now stock full range of A&N Model Trucks kits!

2. As you can see, currently some kits are out of stock. This is not good, of course, but I have a reason – currently I’m preparing to move from Moscow flat to our new house. We are planning to move in the first days of October; all kits (except Renault Premium) will back in stock in November. My apologies for inconveniences.

3. Also there are some delays (again!!) with U.S. Cabover. Now I have problems with clear and chrome-plated photo-etched parts. But I’m planning to get the first 20 kits till end of September anyway.

New reseller of A&N Model Trucks. Gallery launched. Table with cost of shipping added

Today I have some news.

First of all, I am proud to introduce one more official re-seller of A&N Model Truck, Internet hobby shop from Sweden, Virago Hobby! You can find all range of kits by A&N Model Trucks in this shop now.

Second – finally we launched our gallery of customers’ models! Currently there is the only model truck built by Markus Boesch from Switzerland, but I hope we have much more pictures of model trucks soon.

Third – I added table with cost of shipping to “Customer Service Policies”.