Back to workbench!

Dear customers, we are finally back with full batteries!

And following kits are back in stock:

  • Facelifting kit for Italeri’s MB Actros;
  • Facelifting kit for Italeri’s Volvo FH;
  • Photo-etched frame for Italeri’s MAN TGA/TGX;
  • Russian Cabover 54112 full resin kit;

Also we are planning to restock Australian COE kit this month and will work hard to finish Modern Conventional truck with 58″ raised roof sleeper.

KamAZ-54112 progress pictures

Chassis is almost ready for primer, but still need to add some parts.

Pictures of KamAZ-54112 test build

Test build in progress.

KamAZ-54112 masters are ready

KamAZ-54112 master patterns without clear and photo-etched parts

And another today’s news – master patterns of KamAZ-54112 full resin kit (2-nd generation) are completely done.

I’m planning to send them to casters this week, so I’m planning to get the first batch of new kits in end of August, or in beginning of September.

Price, shipping cost, more pictures – as soon, as possible.

All new KamAZ-54112 kit news

And again bad news today…

Due to lack of demand for Sisu kits and delays with Australian COE and rubber tires XDY, I have to delay KamAZ. At least for a month now; hope this is the last delay…

And some good news about KamAZ – master patterns are almost done, need to make only 5 parts. Pictures will follow as soon, as possible.

Kamaz new rubber tires are almost here in stock! (updated)

Kamaz new rubber tires

Kamaz new rubber tires

I just got parcel from contracted casters with the first batch of moulded rubber tires for Kamaz. On the picture you can see how it looks. I think this is real good thing.

It is possible to purchase these tires separate from Kamaz kit.

These tires do not suit for standard Italeri’s rims! For using with Italeri’s rims it is necessary to make center hole bigger (with diameter 24.5mm instead 20.5mm).

Also it is possible to use 1/25 Revell’s rims, or use native rims of Kamaz.

Price for one tire – € 3.50.

Now in stock!

KamAZ-54112 photo-etched frame, second edition

When I have planned to post this update 2 days ago, I was too optimistic…

Well, let me introduce the second edition of new frame for full resin kit (hm, this is not correct now; full resin and PE kit will correct, I think 🙂 ) KamAZ-54112.

First of all I want to say about size of fret – it is real big! More, than sheet A4. And this is not all PE-parts for this kit. I’m planning to add at least one more fret with some small parts.

Click “continue reading” for a lot of pictures and some text.

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