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A&N Model trucks at Jabbeke 2020

Dear customers!
We plan to visit “On the road” show next year, but there will be some changes how we collect pre-orders.

Please read carefully.

1. We shall not collect payments at the show next year. Instead this we shall ask you to make payment by bank money transfer till end of February (depends on when your order will be manufactured and packed).

2. Orders can be placed at the our site only. No more PMs or emails please. It’s very difficult to us to try to find where customer placed order (at Facebook page, by private PM or by email) and it’s very difficult to find out how we can contact with customer).

3. PLEASE USE COUPON jabbeke-2020 for your pre-orders. This coupon gives you 15% discount for all kits and parts and free shipping.

4. In case if you decide to add something to your pre-order, you need to place new order at the site, using coupon.

5. You could cancel your order anytime before our departure to the show. Next year it has to be March 10.

6. Unfortunately due to restrictions by PayPal we unable to collect payments for pre-orders to Jabbeke this way. Our apologies.

7. We would like to ask you to place your pre-orders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Please don’t wait till last days – there is no guarantee that we have time to serve your order. Currently we have no idea when there will be deadline.