Customer service policies

Privacy. Your privacy is very important to us. Except for cases where we comply with a lawful demand for information by law enforcement authorities, or attempt to secure relief in cases of customer fraud (such as credit card “chargebacks”), A&N Model Trucks will never disclose any personal information you provide us (such as your name, shipping address, e-mail address or telephone number), or any information related to your purchase history with us to any third parties.

Returns & Refunds. We always accept requests to return saleable-condition merchandise for any reason if made within 14 days of its delivery to you. “Saleable”-condition means the item is in like-new condition with all parts and components present. Please note, however, that unless the return is necessary because of a “changing mind of a customer”, the cost of shipping the item(s) back to Latvia is your responsibility. Always consult with us (please use contact us form) for our instructions before returning any merchandise, regardless of the reason.

If a return becomes necessary due to shipping damage or a defect in the product, we will compensate you for the shipping charges to return the item to Latvia. All claims for returns or refunds due to shipping damage or manufacturing defects must be made within 10 days of its delivery to you. The best way is making photographs and ask us for instructions by contact form.

If a product description is lacking or does not answer a question you have about an item, simply ask us! We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about products prior to your placing an order.

Payments. We accept payments by:

  • PayPal;
  • Bank money transfer;

Shipping. We ship orders by Latvian Post, by tracked A-class shipments. We ship order twice a week – each Tuesday and each Friday. Normally your order will be sent in 3-4 days after receiving, but delays are possible due to holidays.  After sending a package, we will e-mail you all shipping details include tracking number.

Shipping cost depends on destination, order’s total and weight of package; there are 3 destinations – domestic shipping (for Latvia only); shipping inside EU and shipping outside EU. Shipping cost is calculated automatically during checkout routine.

Important! If your package will not arrive to you after 2 weeks for Europe or 3-4 weeks for U.S., you should to call to your local post office and try to find parcel using e-mailed tracking number. Also you should contact us by e-mail.

Problem Resolution. A&N Model Trucks is committed to customer service and will promptly address any customer claims of shipping errors, damage, defects, missing items, etc. if we are contacted within 10 days of delivery by contact form.