Problem with cabs of Swedish truck Euro 6 XXL.

Dear customers!
Due to unexpected problem with material, there were shrunk cabins in at least last batch of Swedish truck Euro 6 kits. Due to this problem it’s impossible to mount a floor and a shelf above windscreen into the cab.
Please check your kits and if you have problem cabins please contact us for free replacement.
And many thanks to Jean-Louis Coffineau, who helped us to locate this problem!
Our apologies for this problem.

A&N Model Trucks team.

New shipping cost for non-EU customers

Dear customers,

This is very sad news, but due to new EU rules, we are unable to send order outside EU in small packets. Now we must use parcels only. This means new cost of shipping for all non-EU countries. Now shipping cost will be:

  • for 1-50 grams: € 2.64;
  • for 51-1000 grams: € 27.00
  • for 1001-2000 grams: € 39.70

Unfortunately this situation is out of our control.