Volvo FH Mk3 trans-kit

Another master patterns are ready for shipping to casters. These are new bumper, grill and sun visor for Volvo FH Mk3 trans-kit. Kit aslo will contain photo-etched shields and clear parts. At the photo you can see master patterns without additional details only.

Renault Lander & Iveco Stralis

Many thanks to all, who took a part in our survey about Renaul Lander! In my opinion results are looking very optimistic. I decided to make master patterns for Renault Lander, but I need to solve some problems with master patterns of Renault Premium first.

Announcement. I’m planning to post some picture of master patterns of Iveco Stralis this week.

News about kits

Latest news about 2 kits – DAF XF105 interior and Volvo FH3 interior.

Both kits are at casters now. First moulds of Volvo FH3 are ready, while DAF XF105 interior now in moulding rubber.
Also I have placed order for photo-etched parts for these kits; searching for decals’ makers now.

More news and pictures as soon as possible.

Trans-kit Renault Lander. Survey

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Renault Lander

Pic. by

Yesterday I found question about flat roof for Renaul Premium at TMW forum; some guys want to built mixers and tippers, so they do not need high roof cab. I did not plan to make flat roof cab (but I planned to make Sisu cab), but I was interested. I decided to check Renault site for current line of trucks and found that Renault offers Kerax and Lander for tippers and mixers. I do not like Kerax, but Lander looks not bad I think. So I thought maybe I should make another master patterns for Renault Lander? With short day cab and flat roof, just like that Lander at picture…

What do you think? Will be this kit interesting for you? Please take part of our survey.


Renault Premium trans-kit. Update

Pic. by KFS

Today I have got e-mail from Howard Whitehead with a picture of first moulds of Renault Premium trans-kit.

Here it is.

Please, keep in mind – these are moulded details only. Kit will contain decals, chrome-plated photoetched details and clear parts. All these details are not present on the picture.

More news soon…

Volvo FH3 interior

I would like to post the picture of master patterns of new resin kit by A&N ModelTrucks, Volvo FH3 interior. Master patterns are ready and will be send to casters tomorrow.

This is second edition of these master patterns with some minor modfications. All of modifications were made for reducing cost of producing. There is list of modifications:

  • roof of the interior was remove;
  • also I decided do not include in kit a modified dashboard, because in my opinion dashboard was modified little, while an additional resin detail means additional money for kit;
  • floor of cab and lower bed made as one detail now;

Also kit will contain some details, which not present on the picture. List of details:

  • clear details (2 plafonds);
  • 2 table-lamps (or on-wall lamp?);
  • and couple of something “special”;

I do not want to talk a lot about those “special details” because these details are still in progress, but I can say, that you can not find such details in no one kits from other makers.

More news as usual – later…