Kits news

I have a lot of good news today!

  • Sisu R500. Kit is in stock now, all reserved kits were sold.
  • DAF XF105 Interior kit. I decided to reissue this kit, and one more good news – I can keep price as low, as sale price was. Kit will be in stock in next 2 weeks.
  • Modern American COE Mk1 optional kit is in stock now.
  • Leather interior kit. I decided to reissue this kit. Now highest quality for lower price! Currently kit at casters. More news – as soon, as possible.
  • Spotlights Hella Jumbo 320. This will be new kit; master patterns are ready and on the way to me now. Pictures as soon, as package will arrive.
  • Rubber tires XDY. Masters are done and on the way to me too. Pictures of masters as soon, as master patterns will arrive.

Sisu delays at least for a week

Bad news about Sisu conversion kit – due to lack of clear resin, casters did not send the first batch of kits last week.

The latest information – package has to be send Friday, March 30, so we are waiting it here in the first week of April.

Our apologies for delaying with release.

News about Sisu

I just have got reply from casters about Sisu.

Currently the first batch is almost ready, only clear parts are needed. Kits will be dispatched this Friday, so in end of next week I’m planning to get a package.

More news, price, pictures – as soon, as possible.

Sisu & Australian Modern COE Truck kits

Master patterns of Sisu kit

Master patterns of Sisu kit

Recent news about these 2 kits:

  • Master patterns of Sisu are ready and at casters now. Approx. date of start sales – March 2012. More details about this kit you can find at page of this item.
  • We were promised by casters, that the first batch of Australian Modern COE Truck will be ready in next 10 days.

More news – as soon as possible.

Sisu R500 master patterns; progress pictures

Another today’s update about masters of Sisu R500.

First of all I have to say, that I need to make all new front bumper, because I have made some errors with first generation bumper. Also I decided to remove side window, because this window is option, that offers one Finnish company, but not Sisu. And, finally, I have made side steps.


That’s all for now, more news as soon as possible.

Sisu R500 master patterns. First look

Today I would like to share the first pictures of my new project, the Finnish truck Sisu R500. These are very interesting truck in my opinion: Caterpillar engine, Fuller gearbox, not usual frames, some special chassis like 10×2 dump truck for example… But let’s return to master patterns.

I used Renault Premium by KFS, M&G Mouldings and A&N Model Trucks kit as donor for my new master patterns. I replaced high roof of the cab with new flat roof, made 2 new windows, restored panel lines and made changed grille. Currently cab and front bumper are mostly done.

Here are some pictures of current look of master patterns. I used a frame from one of my very early model, DAF 95. This is just for example; I do not plan to use DAF chassis like a donor.

Criticism is very welcome!