Rubber tires XDY (updated)

Unfortunately I have no good news today…

I have got master patterns of XDY tires, but it was not possible to use them due to bad quality. So I need to order masters again.


Good news – it is possible to make new master patterns for free. I was promised, that new masters will be ready in next 5-7 days. So I hope masters will arrive to me in the second decade of June.

Kits news

I have a lot of good news today!

  • Sisu R500. Kit is in stock now, all reserved kits were sold.
  • DAF XF105 Interior kit. I decided to reissue this kit, and one more good news – I can keep price as low, as sale price was. Kit will be in stock in next 2 weeks.
  • Modern American COE Mk1 optional kit is in stock now.
  • Leather interior kit. I decided to reissue this kit. Now highest quality for lower price! Currently kit at casters. More news – as soon, as possible.
  • Spotlights Hella Jumbo 320. This will be new kit; master patterns are ready and on the way to me now. Pictures as soon, as package will arrive.
  • Rubber tires XDY. Masters are done and on the way to me too. Pictures of masters as soon, as master patterns will arrive.

XDY tire in 3D

While poll is still active, I have done 3D draft for XDY tire (size 11.00 R20). Here are couple of screenshots.