Back to workbench!

Dear customers, we are finally back with full batteries!

And following kits are back in stock:

  • Facelifting kit for Italeri’s MB Actros;
  • Facelifting kit for Italeri’s Volvo FH;
  • Photo-etched frame for Italeri’s MAN TGA/TGX;
  • Russian Cabover 54112 full resin kit;

Also we are planning to restock Australian COE kit this month and will work hard to finish Modern Conventional truck with 58″ raised roof sleeper.

Modern Australian COE news

I don’t know, is this good news or bad. Anyway, I decided to stop my cooperation with Latvian casters, because I do not satisfy with quality of casting, and now waiting for Australian COE masters back.

As soon, as masters will be back, I shall send them to Czech Republic.

As result COE kits will be cast in highest quality (usual for all our kits) and price will be same, 99.99 Euro without VAT.

Our apologies for delays.

Australian COE update

I have 2 news about Australian COE: one good and one bad. Good news is the first – finally I have the first batch of kits; boxes, PE-parts, decals, vacuum formed windshields and instruction are ready.

Now the bad news – I have finished to sort parts and found, that few parts are missing. So delay again, I’m sorry. Hope I shall get necessary parts in next 10 days.

Sisu & Australian Modern COE Truck kits

Master patterns of Sisu kit

Master patterns of Sisu kit

Recent news about these 2 kits:

  • Master patterns of Sisu are ready and at casters now. Approx. date of start sales – March 2012. More details about this kit you can find at page of this item.
  • We were promised by casters, that the first batch of Australian Modern COE Truck will be ready in next 10 days.

More news – as soon as possible.

Current situation with Australian Modern COE truck

In fact news are not good.

Contracted casters in Russia did not do their job and went away with money, which I paid him forward. I got the only kit from him.
Fortunate I have master patterns back, except in about 10 parts; these parts are almost done.
Now I’m looking for casters, who can cast this kit for me (in Czech Republic or in Latvia).

Grand total:
Master patterns are almost ready;
PE-parts for 60 kits are ready;
Decals for both RHD ad LHD (100 sets each) are ready;
100 windshields are ready;
But there are no resin parts…

Recent news

1. I’m proud to say that Kit Form Services, UK, now stock full range of A&N Model Trucks kits!

2. As you can see, currently some kits are out of stock. This is not good, of course, but I have a reason – currently I’m preparing to move from Moscow flat to our new house. We are planning to move in the first days of October; all kits (except Renault Premium) will back in stock in November. My apologies for inconveniences.

3. Also there are some delays (again!!) with U.S. Cabover. Now I have problems with clear and chrome-plated photo-etched parts. But I’m planning to get the first 20 kits till end of September anyway.