Modern Australian COE Truck. 1/24

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  1. Micheal Wrightmann says:

    Hello Again Andrey.
    My Friend I buy previous your Beautiful G8 model *aussie coe truck*.I ask please you still have 1 more to sell??..I buy Please if yes…Regards Aussie cheers = Micheal Wrightmann Sydney-Australia

    • Andrey Myakotkin says:

      Hello Michael,

      Many thanks for your comment and your kind word about our kit, I’m very appreciate it!
      We are planning to restock cabover next week; I will email you as soon, as kit will be back in stock.

      Best regards,

  2. steve hastings says:

    hey mate do you have the Morden Australian truck in stock and do you have a catalogue

  3. Alessandro merlo says:

    Good afternoon Andrey,
    If possible build one upgrade front for your modern australian coe for built the exact last version?
    The new front V grille and bumper only.
    Please let me know if is good idea.

    Best regards !

    Alessandro Merlo


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