One of our new project

Here is the first look of our new project. Currently it has American Modern Conventional Truck name.

This truck will be available in 4 modifications:

  • Day cab with set forward axle;
  • Day cab with set back axle;
  • With 58″ sleeper set forward axle;
  • With 58″ sleeper set back axle;

For all versions will be available LHD and RHD dashboard.

We are already started to scratch masters, but there is no deadline for this kit.

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18 Responses to One of our new project

  1. Martin says:

    If it looks like a Freightliner and smells like a Freightliner …
    Nice one Andrey, I think it will sell well.

  2. Kerry Poynton says:

    looks good Andrey,i will be watching for this one.

  3. Jeff Weitlauf says:

    This would be great!!! A new Coronado would be awesome!!!!

  4. Andrey Myakotkin says:

    Latest news about this project.

    Hood, cab and interior are done. Currently this project is paused, but I’m planning to restart it in nearest 10-15 days.
    Pictures will follow as soon as possible.

  5. Heiko says:

    As it looks for example with a modern Russian Truck MAZ, Ural Hauber 6464th MAZ – MAN as a conversion kit

    • Andrey Myakotkin says:


      I’m not sure about this kit, because I don’t think that this kit will be popular, while I need in good selling kits for staying alive.

      I’m sorry…

  6. jeff weitlauf says:

    do you have another update for us on the new conventional?

  7. Dean Meisner says:

    I just received my Australian COE kit today and it was better than I expected after dealing with some of your competitors. I can hardly wait to start building.

    Keep up the great work and I would love to be one of the first on your list for the Modern Conventional as soon as you are ready to sell.

    Many thanks

  8. Dave Steele says:

    I received my Australian COE not to long ago and wow, it’s everything I thought it would be and then some. This is one of the best resin kits I’ve ever purchased.
    I’m looking forward to the Modern Conventional that you are working on. You can put me on the list for one of these.

    • Andrey Myakotkin says:

      Hello Dave,

      Thank you, I’m glad to hear that you liked COE kit!

      I placed one Conventional kit in reserve for you with my pleasure!

      Best regards,

  9. Doug Walker says:

    Wow!!! Can’t wait. Put me down for one too Please. Just ordered the COE. Hope to see more. Thanks Doug

    • Andrey Myakotkin says:

      Hi Doug,

      Many thanks just wrote down you pre-order.
      I will post here updates, but currently just can’t find time for scratching masters.
      Your COE will be shipped Tuesday and I will email you the tracking number.


  10. Andrew Mede says:

    Hello Andrey,

    Belated Merry Christmas mate. I’m yet to get started on the argosy’s I received off you yet but I am looking forward to it when I do. The casting is probably the best I have seen from anyone.Please keep me up to date with the new bonneted kit as I will probably grab o few of those too! Looking forward to seeing some pics.

    Talk soon mate


    • Andrey Myakotkin says:

      Hello Andrew,

      I’m very glad to hear that you liked COE kit. Conventional will be resumed this month. I will upload pics ASAP.


  11. Doug Spencer says:

    Hi Andrey:
    I would like to say thank you for the Austrailen Coe and Tires Awesome kit , looking
    Forwards to this new truck you are making ,put me on that list for one ,and is there any up
    Dates on this?
    Thanks Doug Spencer

    • Andrey Myakotkin says:

      Hi Doug,

      Thanks a lot, very appreciate!

      Regarding Modern Conventional truck. Right now this kit is on my workbench. Day cab with full interior is almost done, I’m planning to complete hood and toolboxes next week. Also I hope to upload progress pictures in end of next week.

      Best wishes,
      Andrey Myakotkin.

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