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Sisu & Australian Modern COE Truck kits

Master patterns of Sisu kit

Master patterns of Sisu kit

Recent news about these 2 kits:

  • Master patterns of Sisu are ready and at casters now. Approx. date of start sales – March 2012. More details about this kit you can find at page of this item.
  • We were promised by casters, that the first batch of Australian Modern COE Truck will be ready in next 10 days.

More news – as soon as possible.

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12 thoughts on “Sisu & Australian Modern COE Truck kits

  1. Hello,

    I already reserved one Sisu and I almost can’t wait for the truck to come.


    • Hello Jacco,

      My apologies for delays with this kit – my move to Latvia and establishing my company were a matters.
      Now this kit is almost ready, all parts are done, and now we need in resin parts only. Czech casters are pretty accurate with time management, so I hope this time will be no more delays.
      I will email you, when your kit will be ready.

      Best regards,

  2. ya i like to reserve one but i need to know what it well cost me in us money

    • Hello,

      What exactly kit you are talking about?
      If you about Australian COE, please use any currency converter.
      If you about Sisu – I have no exactly price right now; I need price for decals, for PE-parts, etc.

  3. id like to reserve the australian COE truck kit and i like the kit frum what i see so far

  4. ya did you get my last post that id like to reserve the australian COE truck kit

    • Ouch, I have replied you by email, did you get it?
      By the way, I have reserved for you one COE and Sisu kits with my pleasure, many thanks!


  5. Hi Andrey,
    do you have an update on the modern Australian COE kits. You have reserved one for me.
    Kerry Poynton

    • Hi Kerry,

      Well, I’m still waiting for the first batch. Casters have some problems with cab, so we have delay again.
      Also I saw most of parts, and I did not satisfy with quality of few parts, so casters must to make new moulds.
      Anyway, due to contract they MUST supply first batch till middle of March. Hope this time they can do it.

      Best regards,

    • Well, I have some news…
      I have here first batch (10 kits).
      More news – this Sunday or Monday.
      Now back to work – still a lot things have to do…

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