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Freightliner Coronado Poll

I have found, that some modellers were not happy about my decision to scratch Coronado new generation and prefer previous Coronado with round headlights.

We are always open for discussion and we are trying to make kits, which will be really welcomed by modellers, so I would like to ask you to take a part in our new poll – “What Coronado do you prefer?”.

Thank you!

[poll id=”7″]

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12 thoughts on “Freightliner Coronado Poll

  1. Andrey, why do you do another Freightliner subject when you had problems with the Argosy?


    • Well, first of all, I like American trucks 🙂
      Second, I’m keeping in mind results of poll “which kit you want to see in next year”. Yes, Coronado and Iveco have had very close results, but I’m planning to use Iveco Stralis by Italeri like a donor kit for Iveco Eurostar.
      And the last reason – I hope, that I shall not have problems, if I shall sell this kit like “U.S. Aerodynamic Conventional Truck”…
      Anyway, let’s wait and see what will happen with “Modern American Cabover”…

  2. Just know that there are dozens of us excited about the “modern cabover” over at a couple of different truck forums. ANY late model conventional will be great in my opinion.

    • In fact, I was surprised with bad result of Peterbilt 387/587…
      With Peterbilt I shall no have problems with licensing…

  3. Hi Andrey,
    will we see a transkit of the the Peterbilt 387 as this is a star US truck?



    • Hi Trevor,

      I’m not sure about Peterbilt. It has not good result in this poll.
      By the way, in 2011 I can’t make Peterbilt, no doubts… Too many projects and only one pair of hands 🙂 All my kits are hand made, I do not use CNC mills, so I need a lot of time for every project.
      In 2012… why not? In end of 2011 I will launch new poll and we shall see, which trucks will be interesting for modellers.

  4. Hello Andrey,

    In my opinion, both versions of the coronado are beautiful, so just think about this, if there are not other differences between the two and the only difference is about the headlights, you can create a basic model of the cab side skirts and other stuff and offer both the two versions of headlights, so by this way you will let the modeler to choose the hood he likes and every body will be happy.


    • Hello Kostas,

      Many thanks for your reply!
      Kostas, I have some doubts about cabs of those trucks. In my opinion there are some differences where hood connects with cab.

    • And one more thing – each additional part means $$. Big part like hood means a lot of $$… And let’s do not forget about etched parts – I shall have to make 2 different frets with at least grill and it will cost $$ again…
      Of course I will do all my best for satisfying customers, but I need to have a profit. In other case what I and my wife shall eat? 😉

  5. Forget the Coronado, you should offer the Cascadia. It is one of the most common trucks in North America!

    • Why do not offer both? 🙂
      In fact I already started Coronado and masters of day cab and set hood for set forward axle version are ready…
      Need to make some smaller parts only…

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